Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Many people have been aware of the similarities of humans and monkeys but to be honest do you really think that at some point in our life's our 'great' and 'noble' ancestors were in fact monkeys that did things like throw
excrement's at each other and eat insects, to be totally honest i think that that really isn't thought about enough nowadays.to think that when you look back that you come from a strong line of chimps and that they have over a long period of time evolved. It really does make you think of what else could evolve over the years and possibly take over us as we did when we evolved.

Maybe a dragonfly could learn how to fire some sort of deadly goo but that's the thing we just don't know. Anything could happen and that's what most people dislike, that the future is unpredictable and that there is only little you can do to prepare but only a little an i'm pretty sure that some day scientists will discover how to evolve some unusual creature that will be powerful but wont over power the strengths of mankind.