Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Turn the tables

I think that there are many advantages to certain areas of in-habitation not only to the animals but for the people living there too. For us it may be easy access to shops, schools or near to a job or family member but there are so many different reasons to be acknowledged in doing so. Like when your moving house you don't only look at the house you also look at the neighborhood and location ect... 

In a way its the same with animals, when their homes are either destroyed naturally or by us humans they are forced to create a new one or find an already made but abandoned one to be able to survive in such surroundings. They have stronger instincts when it comes to the great outdoors, they know where is best and how to escape a trap or problem in life but are sometimes struck by the unexpected and are forced to face facts. For these wild animals there were no safe places but as man kind realized the problems to nature of new housing and other projects they began to help protect areas and help these animals for a better future. 

Now put yourself in their position and imagine what you would do if the tables were turned, would you repeatedly fight for you life and probably the one of your family or give up to the 'superiors'???? You may not think of how small they can really be.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Many people have been aware of the similarities of humans and monkeys but to be honest do you really think that at some point in our life's our 'great' and 'noble' ancestors were in fact monkeys that did things like throw
excrement's at each other and eat insects, to be totally honest i think that that really isn't thought about enough think that when you look back that you come from a strong line of chimps and that they have over a long period of time evolved. It really does make you think of what else could evolve over the years and possibly take over us as we did when we evolved.

Maybe a dragonfly could learn how to fire some sort of deadly goo but that's the thing we just don't know. Anything could happen and that's what most people dislike, that the future is unpredictable and that there is only little you can do to prepare but only a little an i'm pretty sure that some day scientists will discover how to evolve some unusual creature that will be powerful but wont over power the strengths of mankind.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rabbits Behaviour

I feel that a rabbit is as important as any other animal but are disregarded and said to be an overgrown species but they are not as dumb as most people think, i personally have a pet rabbit who isn't even one years old yet but who i have noticed is quite different to my former pet rabbits because of the environment that each pet has been raised in as young.

For example the first few were raised by a woman in her back garden who took good care of the rabbits and allowed them to have space to run and do what is natural for them. These pet rabbits seemed to be afraid of humans, which i suspected, but more importantly were more immune to poisonous foods and illness. We allowed them to run free in our garden as they gained more and more trust in humans. They did not react so excitedly compared to my most recent rabbit which i mentioned at the beginning. He can sense if there is food or not and frankly he i more interested in that but that's whats different, he was raised in an environment surrounded by humans and therefor when he got lose he did not run and try to escape but was hesitant to even the slightest thing as fresh green grass.

But my overall opinion is that, well, like humans all rabbits are different and that is my own experience but it is one of many. these are wonderful creatures being tossed away as if they were nothing. I bet you didn't even know that in Paris there were rabbits on every scrap of grass until this Christmas when suddenly they all just disappear and nearly nobody in Paris cares let alone noticed... so theres something for you to think and reflect about.